Let’s just say I have been having a blast collaborating with Brent Holland on photo shoots… It’s so fun to talk about shoots we’ve always wanted to do and then….voila! from creative visions in our heads to reality. Brent had been wanting to do a photo shoot with Paige and I had been DYING to use my Uncle’s 1967 Mercury Monterey convertible in a couples shoot…hmmmm… So, last Tuesday we made it happen.

Both Paige and Gary are models. Damn good models if I may say so myself. Gary you may have seen on my blog before posing with the lovely Jennine. Thank you Gary for being so nice and not laughing at my silly ideas 🙂 Paige could not be more fun, sweet and is immensely talent. She has just been accepted to Columbia’s graduate program for theater arts. I’m convinced that I’m gonna see her one day on the big screen. Gary and Paige are not together in real life only in film (…although it’s really pixels, but film just sounds far more romantic).

Paige & Gary

Paige & Gary 2

Paige & Gary 3

Paige & Gary 4


Paige & Gary 5

Paige & Gary 6

Paige & Gary 7

Paige & Gary 8

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Lori Stocks
May 20, 2010
Paige is my daughter and I have to say I love your pics of her. Thank you so much for capturing the real Paige and the lovely comments.
May 20, 2010
Love these! Paige looks amazing in every single shot and Gary paired up with her nicely. Now I wanna do a shoot with you.... Hrm...Lets talk!