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Boston Terriers vs. Kermit the Frog

Whenever I look at photos of our dogs, I can’t help, but narrate. Narrate in this high pitched, goofy, cartoony voice.

Actually, not just when I look at photos of them.

All the time.

Okay, not all the time, but anytime I look over at them. Because if you met these two little dogs, you would know they are kinda like cartoons. And do some pretty wacky things. Like the time I discovered why Olive has so much energy.


Actually she ate 1 battery…Or that’s what I found at least. Insert look of shock and anxiety that my dog has poisoned itself. Thankfully she was fine.

Or that time she ate a lighter and razor blades.

Once again…insert look of shock and anxiety.

Why these things…I’ll never know.

So…as you can see. They are a bit quirky. But extremely lovable and over-the-top happy all the time. And so we spoil these little creatures. Which works out great for them, but not so much for let’s say…

Kermit the Frog.

Kermit the Frog plush toy

boston terrier sitting on white couch with toyBoston Terrier with kermit the frog

“Awwww! Thank you for my new friend! I just looooove him so much. He’s mine. ALL MINE! I will love him and cherish him forever n ever n ever….”


Boston Terrier smilingBoston Terrier chasing shadow on wall

This right here is Olive’s kryptonite. She cannot resist chasing shiny spots, lasers or shadows. Sometimes to her detriment…It’s ridiculously funny. The shiny spot on the wall was made by my camera while taking portraits of her with her new friend. Lets just say as soon as she saw it, photo shoot was over..

While both of us were engrossed in this little game. We forgot about Kermit.

Enter Sammie.

Foxton tears apart kermit the frog

The look of glee on her face after tearing out Kermit’s entrails makes me laugh so hard.

…I’m gonna go clean my yard now.

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