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Olive’s 1 Year Recap

Where did the time go? It seems like just yesterday we brought home our little furry bundle of joy – Olive. And at the same time it seems like she has always been a part of our life. Little 18 pound Olive always keeps us fully entertained. Milan and I have never had a dog that is so comical. Not to mention lovey. If you are sitting down, you can find Olive cuddled up in your lap. We’ve also never had a dog that has so much gas… But nobody is perfect 🙂

Fun Facts About Olive

1. When excited she loves to spin in circles, but only clockwise…never counter clockwise. Unless in Australia 🙂

2. She is extremely jealous. If she is outside or in the other room and there is even a hint at giving Sammie any attention, she darts in and pushes her out of the way.

3. She loves water, but only to sit in. Swimming is overrated.

4. She has no fear. Or maybe she doesn’t aim. Olive will jump wildly for a ball or onto a chair and miss 60% of the time.

5. She loves gloves. If you are missing a glove…look in our yard. She loves to trot around daintily holding one finger. Who knows why…

6. Hates cold weather.

7. Loves to jump up in my lap while I am editing, stand on my desk and then lick the computer screen. Her editing skills need some work…

8. Is afraid of my steamer mop.

9. Loves to FLY through our doggy door. There is no gentle in or out. The doggy door is a toy…

10. Brought so much joy to all of our lives 🙂


Boston Terrier with Paper Heart

February 2011 : Olive’s first day home

Olive's first day home

June 2011 : Tearing up Sammie’s beloved red sweatshirt

Olive Destroy's Sammie's Sweatshirt

The Aftermath

July 2011 : Olive destroy’s her beloved bed. We were all left wondering – WHY?!

Olive destroy's her own bed

July 2011 : Kiddie Pool

Olive in kiddie pool

Olive & Sammie Swimming

October 2011 : Fall FashionOlive's Fall Fashion

December 2011 : Christmas Dress

Olive & Sammie's Christmas Dresses

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