A precious, hidden gem waits for you amongst Maui’s foggy upcountry. You pinch yourself upon arrival because you must be dreaming.

At least that’s what I felt like when I went to O’o Farm in Maui.

We pull up, after winding up steep country roads while following (true to Maui)…vague directions. Which lent it feeling even more so like an adventure.

And there it was…
O’o Farm – The Ultimate Foodie Experience on Maui
o'o farm entrance kula maui
O’o Farm is charming. It is 8 acres of organic farming in Kula, Maui and the dream of two surfing buddies turned restauranteurs. This farm is solely for the restaurants of those two buddies down in Lahaina, Maui.

And for the few who take the tour.

BUT….it’s not just a tour where they teach you about the land and their farming methods..No, no…it’s even better…

You get to pick your food! And then hand it to the chef where they prepare an amazing outdoor feast!

That right there – sold me.

Hook. Line. And sinker.

o'o farm tour guide
picking organic produceat o'o farm
oo farm maui farm tour
agritourism maui oo farm

After listening to their farming practices, I had an even bigger appreciation for farming. Which bugs where good ones…Which plants attracted the good bugs…Which plants were good for the soil or bad for the soil.

And then it dawned why I’m not the best gardener…I’ve made SO many errors! I really should have taken notes, but I was too distracted thinking about lunch cooking…
pacific o chef anton haines
pacific o chef anton haines
Our meal was prepared by chef Anton Haines from Pacific O restaurant. And it was incredible! Everything was prepared to enhance the subtle flavors of the supremely fresh veggies. And the chicken roasted in the brick oven was all things perfect. Each item complemented the next and nothing was overpowering. It was honest, rustic and truly delicious. I would go back a million times 🙂
lunch at O'o farm

4 Things to Know Before You Go :

  • Where comfortable walking shoes that you don’t mind getting muddy
  • GPS is terrible and it’s kinda hard to find
  • Book early to reserve your spot, they fill up fast
  • Try everything you pick, even the edible flowers

rustic table at o'o farm

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