I love being a fly on the wall and documenting life as it unfolds. And the other day I got to do just that by going behind the scenes of filming a Build.com commercial. It was a really fun experience seeing all the work that goes into a production from the set up to the actual filming. Not to mention all the work I didn’t see like coming up with the concept for the commercial, to casting and writing the script. While I wait on the edge of my seat to see the finished product I’d thought I’d share a few favs from the shoot.

Lighting equipment being set up for a commercial shoot for build.comVideographer Brent Holland filming for Build.com.Behind the scenes candids from a build.com production.Sound equipment in action at a build.com commercial filming.Camera man Milan Rosan hard at work on set for build.com

To see some of the fun videos that build.com makes check out their youtube channel for the latest interior design, how to and diy videos – here.

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