Summertime Sadness

so heavy it bruises the sand

my hands tremble

as I lean into its song.

I am beyond excited to share with you another fashion shoot we did while on Maui! You can see our first one at Iao Vally – here. This one was island style meets boho. Bright colored pants and fringe. I love me some boho fringe-y goodness 🙂 We started out at this juice truck and fruit stand on the side of the road. Which made for an interesting looking location and experience. The guys operating the place are a little….interesting themselves. A little jaded and kinda shady. But nothing crazy. Maybe the’ve just been beat down over the years by too many annoying tourists? Who knows. But we bought juice and fruit so they were ‘happy.’

After the fruit stand we went down to the beach. Which originally was not my first choice as I was afraid of making cliche beach photos. The ones of the pretty girl in a bikini happily smiling in a cheezy pose. Not something I like. So, we challenged ourselves to get something different.

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A very special thank you to our model Jasmine L. from Wilhelmina Hawaii!! We had so much fun with you and can’t wait to hang out next time we are on the island.

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