I had the opportunity to work with Casey model, nature lover, bubbly and bright. Casey is beautiful with unbelievable red hair. Her boyfriend John is a poet, New Yorker, quick witted-actually downright hilarious. We were cracking up the entire time. John travels the country performing slam poetry, with over 120 cities a year. One of those 120 cities was Chico and this is where he met the lovely Miss Casey.

We took a drive up to Table Mountain, wrong turns and all we arrived. Next? Treading through rain soaked muddy terrain to get to the perfect spot. Thank you Casey and John for making the trek!

Casey & John

Casey & John 2

Casey & John 3

Casey 4

Casey & John 5

Casey & John 6

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April 8, 2010
I love the photos of Casey and John. There's something that you captured between them that sincerely made me a little misty eyed: the way he looks at her, how comfortable and beautiful she looks with him. And those close-ups of her are gorgeous! Well done.
April 9, 2010
Absolutely Beautiful!! The first one is my favorite!! The lighting is amazing and Casey is just so beautiful she glows!! Well done indeed!!!
April 18, 2010
Such a beautiful mix of happiness and nature. You captured peace both inside and out.