I don’t even know where to start…I am still so full of emotion over what I not only witnessed, but documented over the weekend. What started out as a film and polaroid photo shoot turned into a surprise marriage proposal. The beginning of a happily ever after. And it happened to two of the most beautiful and kind people I know. We met late afternoon on a perfect Fall day here in Chico, Ca. 70 degrees and sunny. Amber colored leaves dotted the ground and white fluffy clouds paraded across the sky. I had them pose for my quirky film and polaroid cameras. We laughed. I tripped a lot….Over river rocks and most likely nerves as I wanted everything to go perfectly for my dear friends. Milan filmed and true to his awesome skill of capturing real emotions, he did just that.

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After about an hour of shooting I looked up and saw the sun, lazily heading for the horizon and I knew it was time to go to our second location, Upper Park, where Alex and Lisa first met. But we had to leave right away. And in the hustle and bustle of things, Lisa had forgot her shoes on the curb at the last location. Which I think is adorable 🙂 With bare feet and all, we carefully made it over to the lone oak tree in a sea of golden grass. I placed Lisa in the perfect spot and I told her, “I’m going to switch to my zoom lens and digital camera so you and Alex can just be together and naturally interact.” So, as I did that Alex went over to Milan and he handed him the ring. We backed up to let them ‘naturally interact’ and boom, Alex dropped down on one knee. And the rest is history.

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Alex, Milan and I, and I’m sure everyone else, are so impressed with your awesome plan to ask Lisa to marry you. By her reaction all the planning was worth it. Lisa’s reaction was like out of a movie. Overflowing with joy. And the two of you together makes my heart so very happy. People like you make the world a better place and I am so very grateful to call the two of you my friends. We wish you nothing less than a lifetime of happiness together.

And with out further ado, here is the very emotional and creative film Milan created of Alex & Lisa’s surprise marriage proposal.

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