I hate using the word passion in context with photography or anything art related. To say it’s been overused is a gross understatement. But I wanted to talk about the feeling I have behind not just what I do for a living, but – my art.

And then I decided I’d be ‘smart’ and go to thesaurus.com and look up other words for passion. Below is a short list of synonyms for – passion.









dolor – had to look this one up… it means sorrow or grief




After looking at this list of words synonymous for passion I noticed. Passion is rather complex. It’s definitely got a bit of a love/hate relationship going on. With words like anger/agony/distress and affection/ecstasy/excitement all used for the same word.

After seeing this I realized, it’s okay to use the word passion as massively overused as it is. Because – passion – describes so much about how I feel when creating art. There is this overwhelming need to create, the bliss while creating and the distress of when something doesn’t turn out as planned. The dedication to becoming a better artist and the need to create. It is an incredible journey. It has pushed me further and further as an artist. And maybe if passion was just a simple word or feeling, with only the happy-feel-good words describing it…Maybe it wouldn’t be so powerful. Maybe it wouldn’t be the burning fire that it is.

I’m passionate about making art. What are you passionate about? I’d love to hear your thoughts.

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