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Behind the Scenes 2015

IT’S MY FAVORITE POST OF THE YEAR!! Which it really shouldn’t be considering all the unattractive dorky behind the scenes pictures, but really, who am I kidding, I am a huge dork. Wait hold on, I think I hear something…

‘Shannon…[heavy breathing]…Come to the dork side.’

‘What’s that Mr. Vader, Sir? The dork side? Ah yeah man, already there.’

Star Wars puns aside. Looking back through all these photos of us photographing weddings makes me smile (and fall down laughing on some of them) and overwhelmed with gratitude. I get to reflect on all the incredible clients I’ve gotten to work with and all the fun doing so. This job I have, is an absolute dream come true. And I have so much love for all of you who chose me to document your wedding.

So without further adieu….Dorkfest 2015

I call these next three images, ‘Make sure you get my good side.’ Kim K.’s got nothin on us ya’ll…

Why is Cameron so angry at those pretty flowers???

AND WHY AM I SO HAPPY looking at this bench??

Cam’s fired face.

My firing Cam face.

I don’t even know what to say about the next two.

Wave yo hands in the air like you just don’t care.

When the mother of the bride wants a selfie, you take that selfie. 

I should correct myself, Kim K’s got nothin on – Cameron.

If I were trying to smile like a squirrel, this is it.

Hi my name is Cameron and I’ll be your Bro-tographer. Yeah, brah.

SOMEONE OTHER THAN ME thought my joke was funny!!!

Annnnd that’s a wrap!

Special thank you to my amazing second shooter this year Cameron Farboud!

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