Milan and I have a major case of wanderlust. We adore getting lost in new places, meeting new people and exploring the local food scene. And constantly yearn to see the great big world out there.

But we can’t help, but find ourselves being pulled back to Maui.

Our hearts belong there.

And although we were just in the magical place that is Maui two weeks ago, it feels like it’s been forever. I am ready to go back. I am ready to stay for much longer than 10 days. I miss the ocean, our friends we’ve made, the impossibly fresh tropical fruit that only tastes the way it tastes there, the rain at night in the jungle, the sunsets, the waterfalls, the feeling that we only get standing on that island.

Our favorite spots to eat (there are so many!)

1. Star Noodle – I don’t care what side of the island you are staying on – you go there. You can thank me later.

2. Honu Seafood & Pizza – A restaurant that has killer food and a killer view usually does not exist, but with Honu it does. The restaurant is open to the ocean and is west facing. Let the waves crash next to you as you take in the sunset while nibbling on fresh crab.

3. Da Kitchen – Hawaiin plate lunch goodness at its very best.

4. Kihei Caffe – Great place for breakfast, photo below is of their famous pork fried rice with egg on top. Also, be sure to get the mac nut, banana pancakes.

5. Cafe Des Amis – Small, adorable and serves delicious mediterranean fair.

6. Horhitos Taco Truck – Fish and shrimp tacos I dream about all year.

7. Ono Gelato – So much local, fresh fruit goodness infused into gelato. Get the lilikoi. Get the lilikoi anything in Maui.

This year we rented one of the most incredible rentals (view the rental – here). It was in Haiku, which is about halfway to Hana, and is all rainforest. It was a bali inspired cottage, decked out with modern decor on the inside, but best of all had a view that I’ll never forget. Perched on a 300 ft cliff with unobstructed views of the Pacific, with nothing in front of you for miles and miles and miles. It was heavenly. And! there was a hot tub on the balcony. I almost cried leaving this place.


We went zip lining on the longest zip line course in the U.S. Tucked in the West Maui Mountains is the Flyin Hawaiin zip line company, which is there to keep the land undeveloped and is dedicated to conservation. It’s a great way to see the land, you can see both the North and South shores, and Haleakala. And did I mention it’s thrilling? You get up to 60mph and go over a 600 ft canyon at one point. Although, their harness system is amazingly secure and makes it feel, well, kinda tame. It’s sit down one, they get you secured, comfortable and they gently push you while gravity does the rest. Me, I desperately wanted to run and leap off the platform like our previous zip line tour last year. That was a no go. But, it was incredible nonetheless. Not to mention the ATV ride to get up and back down from the course was quite exciting itself, I would have taken pictures but I was holding on for dear life, smiling the entire time 🙂

I have no idea what this little native bird is, but we saw them everywhere and they had a hilarious call. Although not so hilarious when mister bird decided to sing the song of his people directly outside our window at 3am…but I forgave him because of his cuteness.

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