Some things never seem to change. Like when my dad smiles, I CANNOT help but smile back.

Last Saturday I got to see that smile quite a bit as we celebrated his 50th birthday in our little backyard…with the red fence, sounds of kids playing, dogs barking and enough fresh crab to feed a small army.

It felt so nice being able to do, even a little thing, like throw a party for him because he has done SO much for me and our family.

Like the little things of reading stories to us as children was actually a big deal to me and one of my fondest memories from childhood… The best ones were when he just made them up as he went…Tales of Snoopy and Woodstock fighting the Red Baron in which the plot was completely secondary to the sound effects and gestures that gave the story its life…and made us laugh hysterically. And he did that happily after coming home from 16 hour days (or more) of farming.

For me this birthday party was a real celebration of life as only a few years ago we got news that no person should ever have to hear. My dad was diagnosed with an inoperable brain tumor.

When I heard those words – all the air was sucked out of the room. Months went by of learning how to cope with that statement (which I never did learn how..) and all we could do was – hope.

Thankfully through many doctor’s visits and testing my dad got the best news – he did not have cancer…and the tumor was in fact shrinking.

And we could all breathe again.

Happy Birthday Dad! Thank you for being the strong, hard working, always smiling person that you are and here’s to the next 50 birthdays….hopefully I’ll have the red fence painted by then 🙂

My Father's 50th Birthday

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