After many emails of trying to get schedules lined up to make a fun, just because, model photo shoot happen with fellow photographer, Greyson Collins (whose wedding I shot last Fall you can check out – here) it finally happened.

And by some miracle it didn’t rain/snow/hail on the one day we could all shoot on. Insert happy dance 🙂

Our model for the day was the lovely, Kelsey, who is not only beautiful but charming and down right hilarious. Oh, and when she’s not being a gorgeous model you can find her –  saving lives! As she is an EMT here in Chico.

This shoot was an absolute blast and I owe it to Kelsey and Greyson. So thank you both for being so awesome 🙂


Kelsey 2

Kelsey 3

Kelsey 4

Kelsey 5

Originally, I had planned when the light was just right to shoot in a random field North of Chico on HWY99, however, we arrived a tad early and the light was just, meh. So we turned around and headed back to a gorgeous almond orchard that Greyson had spotted as we were driving. And as I was shooting I just about died at how gorgeous the light was. Like butter! Said with my best impression of the SNL skit, Coffe Talk.

Kelsey 6

Kelsey 7

Kelsey 8

Kelsey 9

Kelsey 10

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