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Olive is 5!

I can’t believe 5 years has gone by since we brought home our dear little Olive. It seems like it was just yesterday she was a puppy, tearing through the house, making huge messes, leaping off of tall furniture and not caring where she lands, spinning in circles non-stop. Oh wait, it’s because SHE STILL DOES. I was reading on old blog post I wrote of when we brought her home, about how she does all these ‘puppy’ things. Turns out not ‘puppy’ things. They are inherently Olive things.

And now we have more to add to the list like the hilarious and random thing of ‘chasing shiny’s.’

Um, yeah, it’s where Olive sees either a reflection or a sun beam and does the following…runs head first into it, jumps to get to it, stares into space like she’s insane.

The beauty of this game is,

1. the surprise factor to us

2. it happens anytime and ALL the time

3. we are still perplexed by it

Below is a ‘mellow’ example, more casual chasing of the shiny, if you will. In celebration of her turning 5, I wanted to take new pictures of her – AND THEN SHE SAW A SHINY. Which keeps her from wiggling or spinning non-stop, so, I’ll take it. She is also doing another very Olive move – The Army Crawl. Not particularly the best mode of getting places, but it is ridiculously cute. And when she does it on her way to get petted by you, you can’t help but smile. Actually, it’s impossible not to smile around this dog.

Lets call this section, cell phone images and snapchats from Olive. AKA – Derpalooza. Case in point below…

So, Happy Birthday to you Olive! You have given our lives so much joy and laughter. You are our ‘Princess Baby,’ mutant bunny, clown dog and we love you so much.

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