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Short Hair Makeover

For most of my life I have had long, thick brown hair. Which I loved. Until I didn’t.

It just wasn’t doing anything for me. It had no style. It was just – there. Hanging out like a freeloading roommate that no one can seem to remember their name any longer.

And then one day I got ‘brave’ and decided to cut it into an a-line hairstyle just above my shoulders. Which I loved and rocked it for almost 4 years now. And then I kept making comments about how I really liked super short trendy hairstyles. Something that was a bit different. Something ‘artsy.’ Which is kind of a vague statement. Can you imagine walking into a salon and saying ‘I want something artsy!!!’ I probably would have ended up with a pink and purple mohawk thing. Which is cool in and of itself, but just not me.

Thankfully there was Pinterest to guide me in my quest. Below is my inspiration board which I took into my hairstylist. After looking at it she said the one on the far right on the top row would fit my face best. So I trusted her and was so very happy I did.

Pinterest Short Hair

And here’s little ole me. Happy as can be with the shortest hair cut I’ve ever had. It’s super short all the way around with textured layers, and one long piece in the front that goes to my jawline. I think I grinned the entire time as I watch handfuls of shoulder length hair float down to the floor. It was a risk, and I like them… small doses. Actually what I like is change and evolving my style. It may be just hair, but it is a small piece of my personality. Spunky, artsy, and a bit quirky.

Shannon Rosan New Short haircut

Have you been yearning to take a stylistic leap? Need a new look or makeover? I’d love to hear your story!

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