I love food. I love trying new things, finding great restaurants, eating at the hole in the wall with the most authentic (fill in the blank). It is a part of my passion for living.


So, what did I do to myself and why? (And thank you for reading this far in my food/diet crises…)

I thought I should lose 10lbs and eat healthy. I was regularly going to the gym, but not seeing much results even after a month. At that point I thought time to change my diet and ‘be healthy.’ At first I thought this…but underneath it was all for vanity. Plain and simple.

So we tried an extremely low carb and zero sugar diet.

Which meant I ate a ton of protein and veggies, no fruit, no grains or starches. It went okay for a couple weeks. I lost weight crazy fast. Which definitely kept me going. It felt great  seeing those inches shed away.

And then this demon kinda grew inside me. This demon DEMANDED ice cream and donuts.

It kinda looked like this…


Which before this whole torture diet thing I didn’t eat that much of in the first place. But now it was all I could think about.

And still is.

Blueberry Donut

After we met our commitment to the diet for 30 days we celebrated with a pig out day and then I went back to a less extreme version of the diet. By that I meant I added in sweet potatoes to my diet and some fruit. And some cheat days. I love me some cheat days 🙂 Months went by…

And then a couple weeks ago I thought, I should resume crazy diet again.

Worst. Idea. Ever.

I got to the point of nothing tasted good and I just would rather not eat at all.

That was the straw that broke the camels back right there – not wanting to eat. AND, my view of food had changed to where if I wasn’t eating a veggie or a protein, then it was ‘bad’ and gonna make me fat.


So, after confessing to Milan we both agreed this has to stop.

I decided there has to be more to life than being a certain size. Which seems like it should be a no brainer, but it took this weird food quest to get to.

And now I must thank you for sticking with me through my food crises blog 🙂

*Have any of you been through this? I would love to hear your stories!


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August 5, 2014
I just stick to a couple simple rules. 1. one soda a day, no more and it's usually the tiny cans now. 2. Always have at least one veggie if not a variety with dinner. 3. Eat more fruit to satisfy sugar cravings rather than candy. 4. Meal plan. 5. Live life and try new things. I have been cheating a little but meh. There are more important things to worry about, like making time for friends and hobbies. Miss you!
    Shannon Rosan
    August 6, 2014
    Aww! Miss you too! Hope to see you next time you're in California.
August 6, 2014
If there's one thing I have learned in this whole journey towards fitness for me.. it is to appreciate my body the way it is right now and all the work I have put into getting it to that point. Versus obsessing over like you say, being a certain shape, size, weight, picture. It is hard not to do, play the comparison game. And sometimes it takes really experiencing it for you to say, never again. LOL. It is awesome to have goals, and indeed striving towards a healthier life is great. But I love food. And I love good food. And I honestly can't lose my mind over the fact that I maybe ate a Dorito or had a piece of cake at a friend's birthday. I just try not to buy that stuff myself and only enjoy it when I am out. p.s. I have also seen the MOST results and changes in my body when I added strength training/weights to my workouts! I have not dropped over 10 lbs. but I've lost 2 inches and several pant sizes. I am instead losing fat and gaining muscle. Crazy how that works out!
    Shannon Rosan
    August 6, 2014
    Well said! Thank you for sharing! I totally agree with you :)