Olive is a pure delight.

Full of all things brand new puppy…

…like blindly leaping off of tall furniture

…going 100 miles an hour or sound asleep, snoring happily away. There is NO in between with her…

…everything is so AWESOME right now…WOW you just pet me! WOW you scolded me! WOW you feed me! WOW grass!

And Sammie is being such a wonderful dog welcoming this new little tornado into our home. They play together constantly. The best part is Sammie no longer has separation anxiety – which is one of the biggest reasons we got another dog.

I thought Sammie was hard to take a picture of well…pffftt… She is a piece of cake compared to our little spinning, bouncing Olive. So for now the best I’ve gotten are from my favorite point n’ shoot…my iphone. Full photo shoot of Ms. Olive coming soon 🙂


Olive 2

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