At 17 years old Stan Parsley signed up to serve his country, to defend freedom.

With out hesitation.

That same year he married my very adorable 16 year old grandmother Betty in Reno, Nevada. Soon after they moved to Norfolk, Virginia where he was stationed with the Navy.

It was not an easy life, but one that was filled with love between him and my grandmother. A love that has lasted for 63 years. A love that is the foundation of our family.

And Grandpa is very much like foundation. He is a rock.

He means what he says.

He eats hot sauce on everything…the hotter the better. He spends hours in his vegetable garden growing those hot peppers…and he loves his country and my grandmother dearly.

To my grandfather Stan, thank you for serving our country. For defending freedom. But most of all thank you for loving me.

A portrait of my Grandfather Stan Parsley at 17 years old in the Navy.A collage of my grandfather Stan Parsley when he was 17 years old.

A big thank you to all veterans and those currently serving our country. Those words seem very small for the very big things you all do for us.

Happy Memorial Day.

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