I’ve sat here. Staring at this blank page. For at least an hour.

Sammie and Olive, wiggle in and out. Jump up in my lap. Or rather, push themselves uninvited into my lap. Which makes it somehow even cuter.

And I struggle. To find the perfect words to describe a day in our life. Probably because there isn’t any.

Or not enough.

To encompass this enormous feeling.

Feeling like it somehow can’t be real. Like if I blink, it could possibly all be just a dream. A vignette in somebody else’s life.

But life hasn’t always been perfect. Long ago life was filled with black.

And that’s probably why I am so grateful for Milan, for little hyper dogs who push themselves into my lap while I’m trying to work uninvited, for friends that I can laugh for hours with, for having a career I never thought would happen until it did, for our cozy little home, for seeing new parts of this world and for a simple outing to walk and talk and throw sticks for those hyper little dogs to chase.

Milan RosanBoston Terriers playingAlternative portrait photogrpahyAlternative portrait photogrpahyMilan playing with the dogsOlive waits patiently for SammieMilan Rosan on Expired Kodak filmPortrait of Shannon Rosan by Milan RosanPortrait of Shannon Rosan by Milan RosanShannon and Milan RosanLandscape on expired 35mm Kodak film


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