Our dogs hate being cold. If it was 100 degrees all the time they would be unbelievably happy. So when it gets to be around a whopping 60 degrees during the day, these two little cold hating doggies get…


They will run into my office, stare at me and whine. If that doesn’t work they will lay their heads on my lap or chair arm. If that doesn’t work then they jump up in my lap. Naively, I think – Aww! They want to spend time with me. So, I pet them and then after a bit send them on their way.

Except they come back and repeat such game until…

I put on their sweaters.

After which they are happy and go play outside.

Spoiled much?

So, here they are modeling Winter 2013’s doggie sweater fashion. This year’s style, makes them look like they are about to go skiing in Aspen during the 1980s.

Boston Terriers in Christmas SweaterBoston Terriers in Christmas SweaterBoston Terriers in Christmas Sweater

The last one on the right is Sammie and Olive giving me their best ‘Blue Steel.’ I think Olive wins hands down.

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February 13, 2014
that last photo is SO FUNNY
    Shannon Rosan
    February 14, 2014
    I think I was even laughing when I took the image :) They were perfectly happy and fine up until I pulled the camera out. Little divas :)