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Boston Terriers at Play : Sammie & Olive

Sammie and Olive basically have two speeds. Super hyper drive – PLAY WITH ME RIGHT NOWWWWW!!! And…sleep.

While on a peaceful winters day walk, Milan and I decided we should bring our much loved pups with us to one of our favorite spots. Our little spot features views that help revive our country loving hearts. Qual scurry through the brush, clouds drift by at the pace of molasses and I breath in deeply the crisp winter air.

And then Sammie and Olive discovered the stream and a stick. Peace and serenity traded places with, ‘Nooooo, don’t get in the….’ And before I could finish my sentence Sammie had already dove in the frigid water. Never mind that she has a deep contempt for anything cold. When it comes to water all bets are off.

Boston Terrier Playing 1

That look right there on Sammie’s face is of pure happiness. Boston Terrier Playing 2Boston Terrier Playing 3Boston Terrier Playing 4

Lets just say I was happy I had a towel in my car.

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