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Sammie + Olive

Happy National Puppy Day!!

Which gives me an excuse to blog about my two fave pups – Sammie and Olive. Sammie is 8 and half fox terrier/boston terrier. Olive is 7 year old Boston Terrier. Both of which have a crazy amount of energy for their ages and are hilarious.

One not so fun update is they are currently suffering from separation anxiety after years of being fine by themselves. We are working on it, but it has been a challenge!

Boston Terriers Boston Terriers

Some random facts about Sammie:

  1. She likes to bring us ‘presents’ which have included, a possum, mole, bird and rat.
  2. HATES HATES the cold
  3. Can chew through anything, including toys claimed as indestructible like Kongs.

Boston TerriersSome random facts about Olive:

  1. She can jump 4x her height
  2. She chases random light beams whenever and wherever possible, some examples – here
  3. She’s realllllly bad at sharing toys
    Boston Terriers Boston Terriers

We just love them both so much and are so grateful for their cray cray hearts 🙂

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