Let me just say, it has been quite the journey in rebranding and consolidating 4 very different sites into now 2.

Why I Rebranded

I noticed that I was scattered across too many places. I had…

– a wedding site

– a boudoir site

– a blog

– a commercial site

I thought the segmentation would be a good thing. If you were looking for one type of photography it was housed in one location. Except this segmentation wasn’t working, I had wedding clients who had no idea I did boudoir and vice versa. And then the poor blog was just floating out in a sea all by itself. So, I decided it was time to combine wedding, boudoir and my blog into one cohesive site and design.

I also wanted to showcase my husband Milan and his incredible wedding films. Previously, his wedding films were over on vimeo or youtube, which depending on how those sites were behaving would play on one device but not another. It was a bit frustrating. His work was also hidden away, only living on my pricing pdf. Not any longer. Now his work has a dedicated page and information about it. Which you can see – here.

What happened to

In between shooting wedding and boudoir photography, I have also been expanding my business to work more in the commercial market. In particular shooting fashion and food photography. In the commercial world it is common for a photographer to be branded under their name. This was a bit of road block for me as that is where my wedding photography has always been. And thus the journey began in moving domains, redesigning and tech nightmares…But I am very happy that all the hard work has paid off. To see my fashion and food portfolio visit the all new –


And finally – THANK YOU.

I am truly grateful to be living my dream. It’s because of amazing people like you that makes this dream a reality.

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