I am Shannon Rosan

And I’m passionate about life.

Photography. Travel. My husband Milan. Our two crazy dogs Olive and Sammie. The moments in between.

I’m a big nerd. And I’m (clearly) not ashamed to talk about all things Game of Thrones, Stranger Things, Star Trek: The Next Generation (Captain Picard is my hero), and Star Wars…for HOURS.

I’m quirky AF. I say ‘YAAASSSS’ waayyyy too much. I love to make people laugh, especially at my own expense. I can carry on conversations with a combo of gifs, bitmojis and emojis. My AP English teacher would be so proud I’m sure…

Brunch is my love language. As is pizza, mexican food, ramen and ice cream 🙂

Because ‘TREAT YO SELF!’

Personal Blog Posts About Me and My Life

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*photos of me and Milan by Briana Morrison