My boudoir photography is all about showing you how beautiful you are – right now. It’s about documenting a time in your life that only happens once. It’s about loving – you for you.
You deserve to feel nothing less than the powerful force that you are.


Is emotive. Cinematic and fine art. It’s about – you. And some champagne, some music and lots of laughing during the session.


  • First we meet. It helps break the ice and to begin building the style of your shoot. From here we can tailor the shoot to fit that style, like location, what to wear, make-up and hair.
  • On the shoot day, at first your nerves may be running a little high. It’s a big deal to be in front of the camera. And I get that 100%. Because of this I put a lot of effort into making you feel at ease. I communicate every step of the way. And before you know it, you forget you were even nervous in the first place.
  • In the end many people have told me that shooting with me was not only fun, but made them feel more confident. I think a lot of times we forget how beautiful we really are and boudoir photography is a wonderful reminder.


  • How much skin do I have to show?
    As much or as little as you like. Cute sweater off the shoulder to lingerie, implied nude to fully nude. It’s all about your comfort level.
  • Can you remove imperfections?
    Yes. Lets face it, we all have a little something we are not so fond of. I use my skills of beautiful lighting, posing and a dash of editing software that will bring out your best.
  • Where will the photo shoot take place?
    Depending on the style we have picked out for your shoot it could be, in the comfort of your home, the great outdoors at a private location, funky hotel, sky’s the limit.
  • Where are you located?
    I  am located in Chico, California and often travel for sessions.
  • How do I book a boudoir session?
    You can drop me a line via the contact form or by emailing me –

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