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Chikoko Fashion Show at Fifth Sun

Last Thursday the talented ladies of Chikoko put together an incredible fashion show for Fifth Sun. Fifth Sun has apparel licenses for Angry Birds, Star Wars, and Warner Bros, just to name a few. With these licenses they design fun clothing that can be found across the nation at retailers like Target and Forever21 for example.

Chikoko created an entire fashion show repurposing Fifth Sun apparel. The ladies as usual went all out for this one with three different sets, one of which featured glow in the dark clothing. Besides the entertainment of the clothing pieces the show also had an acrobat troop dressed up as the characters from Angry Birds, break dancers, and a performance by an aerial silk acrobat. The whole night was just amazing and I can’t wait to attend the next Chikoko show.

Chikoko Fashion Show 1Chikoko Fashion Show 2Chikoko Fashion Show 3Chikoko Fashion Show 4Chikoko Fashion Show 5Chikoko Fashion Show 6Chikoko Fashion Show 7Chikoko Fashion Show 8Chikoko Fashion Show 9Chikoko Fashion Show 10Chikoko Fashion Show 11Chikoko Fashion Show 12

Check out a video of their last fashion show, Metamorphosis by friend and talented filmaker Alex Bridgman

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