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Fabulous Florals | Interview with Pam from Cambray Rose

Today on the blog I’m excited to feature Pam Young from Cambray Rose. Pam is a floral designer located in Chico, Ca with over 14 years of experience. Her work has been featured in top wedding blogs like Style Me Pretty, soon) and Rustic Wedding Chic, just to name a few. Pam is one of the nicest people and I can’t recommend her enough, for not only her expertise, but also, how much she cares for each and everyone of her brides. She truly goes above and beyond in making your vision with flowers a reality.

Below is Pam’s interview where she shares her advice on staying in budget and still having fabulous flowers, tips for the DIY bride and more.

Chico Wedding Florist Cambray Rose

1. ‘Help! I am so overwhelmed, I don’t even know where to begin!’ Do you offer consultations? 

Yes, we offer a complementary consultation. They take approximately 1 1/2 to 2 hours in order to cover all we need to know. It’s all about listening and educating. After learning a bride’s style aesthetic, we can then begin to design something unique for her.


2. I’m on a strict budget, I’m not even sure I can afford flowers. What are my options? Are there ways to still have beautiful flowers by a talented florist like you and stay on a budget? What is your advice for that?
Budgets – we all have one. This is reality. However: hiring a professional floral designer will save you money in the end.

– We know flowers so we can steer you towards the best ones. So we look at the things that dictate cost first like

– size of bouquet, types of flowers desired and design of bouquet.

For example if the bride is ok with greenery in the bouquet, as greens are less expensive than flowers. And then there are flower substitutions. A peonie is an expensive flower, but garden roses are more economical and have a similar look.

– We help you get the most for your money because we know how too. By repurposing pieces. For example, aisle florals can be reused on tables and large florals at the alter can be reused on buffet tables.

– A professional florist will provide you with flowers that not only look fresh, but that will stay fresh. Due to our expertise in conditioning and sealing the flowers. Unlike when you buy flowers from a market, these flowers have not been properly prepped, treated and conditioned to last thru a full wedding day. Especially, on a hot summer day in our area. Thus, leaving you with centerpieces and bouquet’s that are wilted.


3. Do brides need to worry about whether or not a certain flower is in season?
Not really any more. The flower industry has gone global. We can get almost everything all year now. There are some exceptions and on the off season you may not have as many varieties to choose from. Cost for out of season flowers is usually fairly minimal. Holidays , like Valentines day, Mothers day and Easter, usually boost prices more because of supply and demand.

Chico Wedding Florist4. What are the biggest myths out there about hiring a professional florist?
That perhaps they’re too expensive – I’ll save money if I do it myself. Brides don’t understand the process we go through when we receive flowers. They are cleaned and fresh cut and put into solutions to preserve them. Then they are stored in a 35 to 40 degree floral refrigerator. After they are arranged they are sprayed with a sealer to help the flowers maintain their moisture. We know how much to order and the mechanics to hold them together, or hang, etc. Those extra buckets of flowers you ordered and didn’t do anything with either because you ran out of time or you bought to much is wasted money. We could have saved you that cost and finished all the things you couldn’t get to.


5. Do you have any tips for the bride dying to DIY her wedding flowers? Do you have classes or plan to in the future?
Be up front with your florist if either it’s a budget necessity or because you love to do this kind of thing. Decide what you can take on and give to your florist what you can’t. Let them help you. Be organized and have a plan with crew to help. Finally, do a sample of each thing, (i.e. centerpiece, bouquet) you are doing so your help has something to follow. Be flexible and thankful. Be prepared to let go of “your” idea as it may not be quiet the same when executed by the volunteer help.

Classes are definitely something we would consider for the DIY girl. Anything to help.


6. What do you love most about your job?

Creating! And the smile and sometimes tears on my brides face when she says,”it’s even prettier than I thought it was going to be.” And the excitement of the day. It’s a high energy, very stressful day for venders, but there is such a high when it’s all complete and it’s everything the bride wanted.

Chico Wedding Florist Cambray Rose7. Is there one thing you wish brides did more of when it comes to wedding flowers?
Keep their whole picture and personality in mind. Less Pinterest – use it as a spring board for ideas and don’t loose “your” identity in the projects. For example – say you love the idea of the cute Pinterest bicycle elements incorporated into your wedding, but you aren’t bicycle enthusiasts. The more personal to you and your relationship the better.


8. Describe to me your dream wedding to do floral design for?

As a designer I love all elements of design. It’s really hard to pick just one”look”. We are known for the romantic full lush look which is a favorite of mine, but I also love to do the wild garden, contemporary or high style look. Honestly, thats why I love doing weddings because each one is so unique. It allows us to work in all kinds of designs.


9. The big day is here! How do I make sure my wedding bouquet looks great all day?

Your florist should be trained in how to take extra care in receiving your flowers, cleaning them, preserving them, sealing them and refrigerating them properly. If its going to be hot it also helps to choose flowers that are not delicate and heat sensitive. Your florist can advise you about these.


10. What are some of the biggest mistakes you see brides make with their wedding flowers?

Trying to do it all themselves. Not understanding design and what makes for a successful “look”. If you are going to be a DIY bride make sure you are well organized, have lots of help, keep it simple and be ok with however it turns out.


Thank you so much Pam for sharing your awesome advice with us!

For more info about how Pam can help create incredible wedding floral design for you day contact her at –

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